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HISD – Rockin aka Space UP!!! (Snippet)



The Weakend Manual (A Listener’s Guide)

5 Steps to Spacing UP

1) Be Seen Green
2) Don't forget your Lando
3) Take your Cranberry
4) Keep Rockin
5) Beware of the Automatics

Dictionary (Slang)

Automatic(s) - {noun, adj.} A robot that's programmed to exploit your weak-ness. Also takes the form of any temptation or distraction that may take you off of your path.
Cranberry - {noun, adj} NEW beginning in life. The state of being cleansed and refreshed. Starting anew.
Lando - {noun, adj} Your individual FLY-ness. Also known as 'The Glow'.
Moon Water - {noun} A popular beverage on Planet Peace Uv Mine, known for it's euphoric affect and cleansing properties.
Rockin' - {adj.} The state of FEELING GOOD or better than normal.
Seen Green - {adj} A state of bringing VALUE to your community / environment and / or being known for enriching the lives of others.
Space UP - {verb} To go, or the act of going to a HIGHER LEVEL.